Investment Strategy

WATTS.green bridges the gap between small renewable energy project developers and large operators.

We create value by optimizing renewable energy projects before they are built. Once a project is optimized or enabled by WATTS.green, we finance, build and manage the assets, thereby accelerating the transition to clean energy. The assets in operation are then sold to large operators.

WATTS.green also sources and develops a portfolio of Agrivoltaic projects, where solar photovoltaics supports sustainable agricultural projects (see e.g. our CalyWattSol initiative).



Western Europe. Special focus on France, Benelux & Spain.


MW size – Wind, Solar, Storage, Agrivoltaic


Affordable, secure and sustainable energy for Europe.

Why Renewable energy?

The massive development of clean energy production is a necessity to move towards a low-carbon economy. 

In addition, the rapid deployment of wind and solar assets is  essential to ensure the European Union’s energy independence and security of supply.

In terms of competitiveness, the costs of clean energy generation production from Wind and Solar project are – at least – at parity with conventional generation sources. 

The European Union has set clear an ambitious target for renewable energy to cover for 45% of the energy needs in 2030. This translates into a goal to reach 600 GWAC Solar and 480 GW wind capacities in 2030, representing an average of over 80 GW of new solar/wind installation per year and hundreds of € billions of investments.


Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing segments within the infrastructure market.

Our ESG Approach

 As long term investor and investment managers in renewable energy, Environmental, Social and Governance (« ESG ») aspects are critical for us and stay at the heart of our considerations throughout the entire lifecycle of our investments.

WATTS.green contributes significantly to the Climate Change Mitigation under the EU Taxonomy. It has the  reduction in carbon emission as its objective and is considered as Article 9 (« Dark Green ») under SFDR. 

WATTS.green is a responsible investor. It contributes to the decrease of CO2 emissions through the development of renewable energy generation projects, whilst being attentive to the impacts on the environment or the communities inherent to energy generation assets. 

Who we are

WATTS.green is managed by an independant team, with a solid track-records. The team has deep sectorial knowledge and combines years of experience across the entire chain value, development, optimisation, investment, financing, construction and operation of renewable energy projects.

Fiona Groetaers

Partner - Finance

Hervé van den Abeele

Partner - M&A France

Jacques de T'Serclaes

Partner - Finance, ESG, M&A Spain

Constantin Delhaute

Partner - Construction & Engineering

Clément Lainé

Partner - Development, ESG

Vincent Le Hodey

Chairman - Investor relationships

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